Search Engine Optimization Packages

Search Engine Marketing experts Mercury Media offer a wide range of SEO services to clients in Adelaide as well as other capital cities in Australia. Because we are local we know and understand the Australian Search Market better.

Mercury Media are true Search Engine Marketers, we dont just try to get you onto the front page of Google, we also ensure that your website is carefully designed to convert your visitors into Sales Leads. Because we want to ensure our clients get the most effective results possible we only offer SEO services to clients who have built their website's with us.

With the exception of the Catalyst Starter Package all of the Search Engine Marketing Packages offered on this webpage are only included as part of the purchase of a new website.

If you wish to take full advantage of our SEO services find out which Search Engine Optimized Website Packages we have available click on the find out more button.

Search Engine Optimization Inclusions

All Packages excluding The Catalyst Starter include the setup of Google Analytics Website Statistics with particular attention paid to the setup of Goal tracking so we can measure your website's performance. These statistics are setup to be automatically emailed to clients monthly. A username and password are also setup to give clients access to Google Analytics statistics at any time.

Yes we do submit to Bing as well as Yahoo and Google but we do not mention it as part of the services we offer because Bing is still in the Beta experimental stage. Since Microsoft has changed LiveMSN to Bing, search engine results in general have worsened for Australian users. Until Bing comes out of Beta we will not be heavily promoting or guaranteeing results for this search engine even though all of our services include submissions to it and complete optimization for it.

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Catalyst Starter Package

Internet users between the ages of 15 and 64 are much more likely to search for your business online than through the yellow pages!

Make sure your customers can find your Business Name online with our Catalyst Starter Package. Your website will be manually submitted to the major search engines that matter and which 99% of the worlds search engines pull their results from.

- Manual Search Engine Submission to Google,Yahoo

- Handcoded XML sitemaps to help improve your Rank

- Reach around 99% of the worlds Search Engines

- All this for the low price of $55.00 dollars

  • Bronze SEO Package

    - Low traffic City/State

    - Less than 250 visits p/mo

    - Competition Audit

    - Keyword Analysis

    - Choice of 3 keywords

    - 1 Landing page optimized

    - For new Websites only

  • Silver SEO Package

    - High traffic City/Low Aust

    - 300 to 2000 visits p/mo

    - Competition Audit

    - Keyword Analysis

    - Choice of 10 keywords

    2 Landing pages optimized

    - For new Websites only

  • Gold SEO Package

    High traffic Aust/Low Global

    - 2500 to 10,000 visits p/mo

    - Competition Audit

    - Keyword Analysis

    - Choice of 25 keywords

    5 Landing pages optimized

    - For new Websites only

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